Turtle...it's whats for dinner.

So, we were in the podunk town of Caliche (again) a couple of days ago when a kid walks up with a feedsack over his shoulder. Not terribly concerning.

Pastora Jesus: Marvin, what're you selling?
Kid (slightly offended): I'm not selling them, I'm eating them.
Pastora: Well, what are you eating then.

That's the face of an animal that's happy with its impending fate.

Marvin proceeded to show three turtles that just weren't quite fast enough. He was pretty pumped and assured us that the meat was very sweet. But then again, this is same kid who was convinced that turtles just eat dirt. We goofed around with the turtles a little while before we headed out.

On the way home, we dropped the Mighty Tortuga Hunter off at his house. We popped into the kitchen to say hi to his family. After introductions, Marvin pulled one of the pathetic creatures out once again and set it down. The turtle, determined to cause as much mayhem as one of his species could, sprinted straight for a chicken brooding on 5000 baby chicks. The chicken, getting in on the fun, went straight up into the air squawking and flailing; its terrified chicks were tossed under the walls, chairs, feet, etc. The delighted turtle continued to run amok, reveling in its final victory until Marvin caught him again and tossed him back in the sack.

Well done Mr. Turtle, well done.

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