And so it begins...

As of last Wednesday, I found myself unemployed, but in a good way, but Wednesday turned out to be interesting in general. On my way home from the (theoretically relaxing) final day of work, Stacey called and let me know that our sister-in-law was in labor (5 hrs away) and two weeks early. Needless to say, things got busy real quick. We managed to rush a load of things from the apartment to our parents and get to Pittsburgh before the baby came the next evening. We're so glad we made it to welcome the beautiful Alivia Ruth Reeder into our own little section of insanity and exhaustion in the world. She's beautiful, and mom, baby, and dad are healthy, albeit a little tired. I have no doubt that Richie and Regan will raise a kicking little niece; I can't wait to undo all the hard work they'll put into raising her well.

But back to Wednesday, it was surprisingly hard to move away from YSI; there are good people there, and the security of employment is increasingly attactive. However, we've now both officially ended our employment and are finishing raising the funds necessary for us to move towards Honduras. We plan on spending the next two months with friends and family as we raise the support. Stacey and I feel so blessed to have had the jobs we had. They enabled us to meet legitimate people and provided the financial resources to stabilize the now and the future for us to do what we feel we need to do. We've seriously been blessed beyond what we expected.

We'll be all over the Eastern US over the next couple of months, so drop us a line and we'll try to let you know where we are. We're starting this week in Kentucky with grandparents and siblings. We're looking forward to seeing everyone before we take off. You guys all take care.