Honduran Residency

We want to deeply apologize for not keeping up with the blog for a while now.  In September we passed the 2 year mark for living here!  We have so many stories to tell and so little time to sit down to write them out.  It has been a very busy time for us for many reasons.  So we thought we would spend a few short posts getting you caught up on what has been keeping us busy.  First off...
As many of you know Honduras does not give visas for more than 90 days.  So, for the past 2 years that we have lived in Honduras we have had to according to the law leave the country every 90 days, stay out for 3 days, and reenter to renew for 90 more days.  This has proved to be a great hassle so we began to pursue the idea of Honduran residency.  We met a man who works with a ministry called Honduran Christian Fellowship and his job is to help the Christians working in Honduras get their residency quickly and smoothly through Honduran Immigration in Tegucigalpa. 
If anyone is interested we would recommend it, the website is:
For Residency specific information click on "Helpful Info" and "Residency"
We began the process with him in June 2013 and as of last week we are official "5 year Residents" of Honduras. 

We have ID cards and numbers now, so we no longer have to travel around with our passports all the time which is amazing!  Our final step is now that we are residents we are required to get a Honduran drivers license, so be praying for that next step for us to go smoothly!