Baptism... Honduran Style

Hondurans know how to baptize. We were blessed to recently attend the baptism of two local churches. For those of you that aren’t real familiar with baptism. Let me give the background and what is expected. What many Christians believe (I happen to be one of them), is that baptism is a Christian’s response to Christ’s example. Jesus was baptized back when He was on earth, and he urged us to do the same in order to show we are walking in His way of life. When we go  under the water, it signifies us leaving our old way of life, and when we re-emerge, beginning a new life in Christ. By being baptized, we don’t believe that anything of eternal consequence happens; faith is of the heart. However, it is an important and exciting day for any believer. It’s a day when you tell the world that you’re taking your faith seriously. Strange way to do it though, I know. 

Anyways, if you would go to a baptism in the US, you would expect a solemn minister slowly sprinkling water on someone, or if you’re from a more… dunking tradition, you would hop in an oversized bathtub in front of a church (strange again), a pool, or maybe a local pond with a few of your family and the church there. Well, that’s not the way they do things down here. I was expecting some sort of dirty river or hole of mud somewhere locally  when we climbed onto the old yellow bus (with chrome wheels, thank you very much). When we arrived at wherever we were going, we walked down through the trees awhile until we popped out next to a nice little swimming pool next to a beautiful river. How nice, thought I, a pool. But, we walked past the pool and followed the river… to this.

It’s seriously one of the most beautiful waterfalls we’ve ever seen. Tropical to the hilt, about 50 feet tall, with clear, clean water. Being there with Eduardo and Ada (read below – “Story of a Family”), was really moving. While we were all gathered together on the bank Pastor Fredy explained the significance of baptism to everyone gathered, then sang and prayed .

 The action then moved down to the water. The two pastors walked into the pool of the base of the falls and two lines of men followed them in and made an entryway for those that were there to be baptized. The singing started again, louder this time, and one by one, the new believers went forward, were submerged, then came back up. I can’t imagine a more perfect way to start a new life. The baptized arose into morning sunlight, on a warm day, at the base of an unbelievable waterfall, and the only thing they could hear over the roar of the falls was the singing of their friends that love and support them on the banks of this river. Needless to say, it was an experience.


These people, that have so very little in this life, were richly blessed that morning. Our prayer for those people that morning is that they would come to The Christ that saved a prostitute on the brink of death at the hands of the religious, and gave her the hope to live in freedom. The Christ that demands we work for the good of the oppressed, marginalized, and forgotten. The Christ that “had no tears for his own grief, but shed drops of blood for mine.” Following the baptism, this beautiful mixture of young and old, orphan and father took communion; and together, we remembered this Christ. Let it push us to serve in His way.

(FYI, there will be more higher-quality pictures in the Pictures tab.)

Damos gracias a Dios; por nuestro familia internacional (for our international family).

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