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CPH is Corazon Para Honduras (Heart to Honduras) 

Just thought we'd give you a glimpse into the faces of the people we work with every day down here. 

Left to right we have: Consuelo (secretary/janitor), German (leads North American teams), Ever (construction), Manolo (accountant), Luis (interpreter, jack of all trades), Jilo (night watchman), Leo (interpreter, jack of all trades), Naldo (construction), Saul (construction, driver), Wendy (secretary, janitor, assistant to the accountant), and sitting down is Sergio (mechanic, driver).

We've become a big family and will miss them when we move to our community in the new year.  They have invited us in their homes for dinners, taught us Honduran culture and sayings, and we've enjoyed many laughs!  We have been teaching them English class on Thursdays and Fridays.  We also help them out around the office, mainly with random translations/communication/emails when needed. We have planned to come back 1 day a week next year to help out in the office and continue the English classes.

We've been to Consuelos's house to eat her baleadas, make Thanksgiving desserts, and teach a bunch of neighborhood kids how to make chocolate chip cookies.  The kids ask Kaleb all the time when he's coming back because he plays freeze tag and hide and seek with them while Consuelo, her mom, and Stacey visit.  They never ask Stacey to play - guess they are happy with just Kaleb.

German is our neighbor, he lives in the other little room here at the office.  We share food with him sometimes since he doesn't cook on his own.  We run into each other and share live while on the internet or watching TV in the office at night.

We've been to Manolo's house numerous times to make them a lasagna/pizza/stromboli, eat their food, make pumpkin rolls, and make a birthday cake.  His wife's name is Roxanna and they have 1 year old daughter - Milka. We enjoy many great conversations.  Hondurans in general are much more open about life, which makes conversations great as far as we're concerned. 

We stop by Luis's house frequently to just sit and chat or share a meal or cold coke.  His wife's name is Estela and 2 yr. old son is Jeff, also living at their house is Estela's nephew Javier and on the weekends her mother.  Great people.  Luis been a great support to us and what our dream is to do down here.

We went to Jilo's village for a visit, to meet his wife, and extended family about 10-15 min. away.  They are doing great things working together as a community and as of last week now have running water.

We've been to Leo's for baleadas as well.  He has a wife named Geda and 4 yr. old daugheter named Dilma.  We teach Dilma English every now and then too.  This day Leo had just given her this gift of an Ariel tiara after being away for a while and she didn't take it off the whole lesson.  We learned the word for prince and princess that day.  In the picture below we had just learned the song "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" and are now drawing pictures of people and pointing to the body parts that are in the song.

Wendy just moved from San Isidro (here) to Santa Cruz (the town about 15 min. away where we go to shop for groceries) so we give her a ride home sometimes.  It always seems to be raining so the 3 of us cram in the 2 seater cab with Stacey sitting up on the center console.  We bounce down the road laughing about whatever is going on.  We appreciate Wendy's joy and laughter.

Hope that helps you catch a glimpse/summary of our life here at the office. 

We ask for your prayers for wisdom and guidance as we plan to make the decision between 2 communities to move into next year later this week.

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  1. Praying for you guys - thanks again for the detailed updates. Can't wait to see you in a week & a half!