Baking on the Stove Top

With the instructions of a Canadian friend living down here in Hondurans, Brian, we have now been able to “bake” on the 2 burner propane stove that we have since we don’t have an oven.  We started with banana bread since it’s our favorite and there are a TON of banana’s down here.  Since then we've made a few more banana breads, sausage balls, and a 2 layer 8" round graduation cake.
How's it done?

Place something heat resistant and stable in the bottom to elevate the food above the water.  We used 4 rocks.  Then pour as much water as you can in without it completely covering your new cooking platform.

Place the food in it's pan on top of your heat resistant item to keep it off the water and then cover the pot with it's lid and boil the water for however long your recipe calls for.  My experience is that it actually takes less time that your normal oven.  

If your bread raises too close to the lid, you can add a few little aluminum foil balls to keep the bread from baking into the lid.  Keep your lid closed as long as you can and only do this if necessary toward the end, since this will increase baking time.

  Here is the result. Give it a try if you'd like and let us know how it goes for you.

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  1. This is called steaming, not baking. It's very well known in Asia. Just google for Chinese steamed cakes.