New Kid in the Yard

On Sunday, our uncomfortably-wide goat, Lechita, was starting to seem exceptionally miserable. A few basic check later, and I was certain that she was beginning labor. Since she seemed like she was just beginning her misery, we decided to go out to lunch with some friends before coming back to settle in to watching and waiting. We asked Argelia and the twins to kind of keep an eye on her for an hour or so until we were back and let us know if anything happened... which she did an hour later... with a text that read...



Isaiah 58 is one of our most ardent passions. Oppression is seen in many forms, but one of the most devastating ones that we have experienced first-hand has been by local leadership. A few short stories…

The local pastor has oppressed the village spiritually, not allowing them to develop beyond the point that he is at. He has not practiced what he preaches and far, far worse, implicitly giving liberty to others to do the same in their lives, thinking that it is just one variation of the Christian way.

The local president of the community counsel has oppressed the village socially with major alcohol, marital, and violence problems, occasionally ending with a visit by the local police or to the local magistrate's office. He has attempted suicide multiple times.

The local “sheriffs” that are installed to protect the community have oppressed the village socially, emotionally and potentially physically because they are regularly-drunk (all together and with the entire community's knowledge) at critical times that intervention is needed.



Hello and Happy New Year!

First of all, please forgive our lack of blogs.  Life, as always, is busy.  We mean well and don’t always get it done.  We would like to continue our “Stories from Honduras” series in the very next blog.  So, stay tuned.

We enjoyed the month of December visiting friends, family, and catching up with Stateside work and coworkers. It was the first time we were back all year and was much needed. We actually feel refreshed this time!