Comida Tipica

Comida Tipica = Typical Food
One of our main goals of our first 3 months down here has been to learn the culture.  Well, part of culture is food!  We have enjoyed learning from the locals to eat and cook new things!  Great quality time and conversations with people in the kitchen is one of Stacey's favorite things to do.  Great ministry opportunity.

If you're interested in what we eat here hope this post helps!

Rice, Beans, and Corn Tortillas
If you'd like to know the most common food these are the three staples: Rice, Beans, and Corn Tortillas.  We see A LOT of this.  If you visit someone, this is most likely what they will give you to eat.

Tamales are a more "special occasion" food here in Honduras.  It is the food that everyone eats for Christmas, a celebration, or birthday.  It is made out of cornmeal dough that is flavored with spices (not spicy!).  In the center you will find a mixture of rice/beans and meat (usually chicken or pork).  It is wrapped in and cooked in banana leaf.

There's another version of these called Mantucas, and my my are they tasty. The dough is different, a little sweeter, with just grilled pork inside. They're heavenly.

Everyone down hear makes and eats baleadas.  We'd say it is by far the most common food (other than rice and beans) we have seen so far.  They are a very common food that the poor are able to make.  They are made with a homemade flour tortilla.    The most extravagant baleada you can find will include: re-fried beans, egg, chorizo or chicken, cream, cheese, and avocado.  The most common baleada you will find includes: re-fried beans, cream or cheese, and egg.

Stacey's started as triangles and are getting better.  The challenge is making them round and big enough.
 As you can see this one we made included: refried beans, egg, cheese, and cream.

 We love these!  Hope to make you some when you visit!

Pescado y Tajadas  

These pictures were taken at our favorite place on the Lago Yajoa (near by lake).

View from our table at this restaurant.

This fish certainly did not die in vain. Que rico.

Pescado = fish
Tajadas = slices of fried green bananas
In the case of this lake, the most common fresh fish is Tilapia, but if you want to shell out big money, you can eat bass here too. 

Tortilla con Quesillo
This is another very simple and cheap thing that anyone can make.  It is a corn tortilla filled with a cheese called Quesillo.  I like to say it's the "Honduran grilled cheese."

 Yep, Kaleb is as always a big help in the kitchen!

If you go out to a restaurante and would like an appetizer this is one of the most common things to order.  Inside the pottery are hot coals that melt re-fried beans and white cheese in the top bowl.  You then use tortilla chips or fried tortilla triangles to scoop and enjoy!

El Tipico
This is a plate that each restaurant/family makes a little differently.  Possible elements include: rice, beans (whole black or refried), corn tortialla, egg (scrambled or sunny side up), square block of dry cheese, avacado, chicken or beef, and chismol (finely chopped onion, peppers, and tomato). But if you're out running around in Honduras and just need something filling and cheap. This is your best bet.

 Hope that helps you catch a glimpse of our diet down here.

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