UPDATE: Thanks so much to everyone who picked up a plant or some cookies last weekend. We sold all of the plants and most of the sugary stuff, we can't thank you enough. We know that our children have found good homes. Hopefully they'll make us proud and behave themselves. If you ever have any questions about a plant you picked up, just drop us a line; we hope they live long healthy lives.
Plants, as it turns out, do not make good international travel companions.

As a result, we will be selling most of our stash of potted tropical plants before we leave Centerville. If you're interested in one or two of the little guys, we'll be in the cafe at Apex with the plants at the July 2-3 (Saturday and Sunday) gatherings. We can tell you anything you would want to know about taking care of them, so don't be shy. Any purchases made will go directly to supporting us over our coming year in Honduras.

Just drop us a line (under contact us) if you have any questions. Thanks!


Letter and Website

By now most of you should have received our letter from the HTH office sharing our heart and some details about our future ministry in community development.  If you have not received that letter and would like to - please send us an email (under Contact Us) with your home address and we'll be sure to send you the letter.

If you'd like to read a summary of us and our future ministry follow this link:
HTH Staff Info. Kaleb & Stacey Eldridge
Thanks for supporting us as we begin this journey!