18 yr. olds, caps, gowns, 12th grade, traditional music...all reminds those of us from the US of "graduation".  For those of us blessed enough to attend college or even get a masters/doctorate degree we might even think of those graduation ceremonies when we were a little older.

For Hondurans graduation happens at the end of 6th grade.  Honduras only offers free education through 6th grade.  Most Hondurans are luck to have their 6th grade diploma, it is not uncommon to find someone who never finished.  If you would like to continue your education you must begin paying.  They have 7-9th grade which they call the "Basico" and then 10-12th grades are called "Carrera" which is when they specialize in a specific career.  There are also some colleges/universities but very few Honduras make it that far.  So few that we haven't met one yet.

We just attended what they call "Clausura" = 6th grade graduation. Ada asked us to go as her "Padrinos" = Godparents.  Each graduating student selects a godmother/father or both to walk with them.  Culturally the Padrinos are also expected to give a gift to the graduating student after receiving their diploma (so that is why Stacey is walking around with a gift bag in the pictures).  Since both of Ada's parents have passed, we felt blessed to be able to step into this role and try to make her day a pleasant one.  As all of us who have lost a parent we know how hard "special/significant" days can be.  Bexy, Ada's older sister attended with us and she took the pictures.

About to walk her down the middle aisle
Receiving her diploma!

Taking a picture with her teacher - Sofia

After the Clausura we went back to their house to celebrate with cake and a meal.  Ada got a job for 4 weeks and one of her goals was to be able to provide a meal to everyone after her Clausura.  She did it!  We enjoyed Chicken, Rice, Bread, and potato salad made by her grandma.

Celebrating with a meal and cake!

Bexy and Ada (sisters)

Opening her graduation gift.

From left to right: Local Pastor (Juan), grandma from Canchias, Aunt from Potrerillos, all the little ones are cousins, Eduardo is holding his nephew Darian in the back, Bexy, Ada, and Kaleb

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