Electricity at last...

Three years and three months later we are excited to share with you the great news that the village we live in, Las Lomitas, now has electricity.  We are officially connected to the national electrical grid.
There are only a few houses out of the 61 in our village that have yet to be connected.  No one is wasting time.  Many of you have followed this story over the past few years.  It has had it´s ups and downs, but it is all worth it now.  We think 3 years is a long time to wait, but many people have lived in Las Lomitas their whole lives without electricity.  The project has been in process for 8 years now.  Needless to say, everyone is excited and we all feel like it is a completely different village.  Please keep the pros and cons that electricity brings in your prayers.  Pray for us to be good examples and walk along side of our friends as they experience this new life.

Here are a few photos for you to see the changes that have taken place in our home...

Our favorite item - hot water in the shower!
Lights in every room and outside on the porch and carport!
Light switches!
Our second favorite item, a FRIG! (we have had the gas stove for a while now)
Breaker box in the shed.
We can charge our phones and other items!


Photo of the Week: Drying items in the rain

Babies poop.... a lot. In Honduras, it rains.... a lot. Disposable diapers aren't a very good option for us for a variety of reasons, among them - the disposal of said items with no trash system. Being in the rainy season, we knew that it might be difficult to dry our awesome new-fangled cloth diapers and as it turns out, it is. We've had a couple of cold fronts come through that dump about a foot or two of rain over a week without stopping. Imagine soaking a thick towel, and then hanging it in a cold shower just beside of the stream of water and you get the idea of what trying to air dry a diaper in the rainy clouds is like. As it turns out, the oven is the best option for when everything is dripping. We can get 6-8 dried in an hour with the above arrangement. Not too bad considering.

Gives the cookies a neat flavor too.

Next up... washing out your darling princess' poop by hand.