2015... So far.

After spending some time in the States (Honduras>ND>PA>OH>Honduras) for Christmas, we returned more than a little tired with a little goober more than a little off her schedule. However, after a few weeks, a fever for each of us, and hideous weather, life and the climate have finally begun to equalize yet again. The sun has returned to Honduras from its foggy, drizzly mess and things are drying up a little. Without beating you to death with details. Here are some of the more significant things that have happened since the last update.

1. HTH Community Development 2015 Report: A comprehensive report of last year's projects focused on collaboration and community involvement. Full post to follow on the interesting results.

2. Increasing mentorship with local pastor: Recently a couple of older, more experienced pastors have begun to get increasingly involved in the life of a young pastor very important to us. This is very significant for Las Lomitas and us. Please be praying that the new dynamic is healthy.

3. Raised beds in the garden. Full post coming up.

4. Possible microbusiness training with Guys Group. More to come if it comes to fruition.

5. Increased community leadership training. Via the new HTH/CPH leadership, we will be more intensely focusing on training local  leaders and providing learning opportunities. More to come on that this year.

6. Dairy goats at home. We have now been living with free goats on our porch for a month now. We're working on providing them with a living situation more convenient for all of us. Full update to come on how we came to acquire Pasas and Gota and how that's going.

Hope you all are doing well. We'll be fleshing these topics out with more details in the coming day.

Grace and peace to you all.


Photo(s) of the Day:

On the way to visit a community today, we spotted this alongside the road.


An orchid in full bloom as the dry season begins. Many trees are flowering now and the heat is beginning to slowly increase, as will hopefully the blog posts. Be looking for a full update soon.