Shiny and New.

As you may have now noticed, the blog has a new look. And not just a new look, but new content! We've added a few things to the mix that we thought you might like, and we'll be working over the coming weeks to continue tweaking, editing, and improving the new stuff. So, check out the tabs above to learn more about us, Las Lomitas, how you can get involved in our passion, and even birding in the Lake Yojoa area of Honduras. Some new features include:

1. Actual pictures of us on the "About Us" page. (Sure to garner thousands of web hits and most 
    likely some sort of "Pretty Person" award).
2. An interactive map of town on the "Las Lomitas" page. 
3. Some links to some of the more practical posts on the "About Us" page.
4. Birding hints on this beautiful area of Honduras as well as an interactive map to aid in your travels to our area on the "Birding Lake Yojoa" page.
5. A real live e-mail address that we will actually respond to on the "Contact Us" page. In spite of our 
    fame, we are still real people and take a few hours a day to address our teems of adoring fans (all 
    three of you). 

As always, we'll be working on keeping the blog current. Our hope is to really turn out some of the memorable stories from the past few years. So, please feel free to join our blog and follow our story. Thanks to all those faithful readers out there. You encourage us with your feedback.

And speaking of feedback, please let us know if there is anything you would like to see changed on the blog. We're very open to ideas and want to make this blog as informative as possible for the people that take the time to read it. So, let us know what you think, and we will do our best to be always improving.

Grace and peace.
Kaleb and Stacey

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