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This is your chance to contribute and/or dictate the writing of an article on the smash-hit blog (among a very certain demographic, hi mom) Try Trip Rinse Repeat! You can participate on this blog in one of two ways, and please don’t be shy. You have never failed to be opinionated, and you shouldn’t be now. So, how can you get involved?

1. Write an article.  Now this doesn’t meant write an essay about “that one time we was down on the lake in Cowahatchiville and I falled off the dock.” What I would love to do is feature some thoughtful, well-written prose related to your experience with community development, whether that be in the US or overseas somewhere, or as an alternative provide some insight from a visit to the developing world. Everyone hears a great deal from us about what we think; I would love to broaden the discussion. So, go dust off your APA and MLA style guides and turn in those reports (MLA appreciated).

2. Determine a topic. So many times we are talking from people here in the States and they have some great questions about community development, life in the developing world, or the Christian response to poverty. On the other hand, some people like to ask about “them big ol’ godawful Annycondas that eat babies o’ere thar an’ stuff.”

But all kidding aside, all questions are on the table, whatever interest seems to be focused on, I will do my best to respond with an article worth reading: village life, vehicle maintenance, the definition of love, local points of interest, birding in Honduras (a personal favorite), the Christian life, chickens, big puffy clouds, anything goes.

So, feel free to respond in the comments bar below or just send us an e-mail (in the contact us section). Some people have trouble using the comment bar, but it does seem to normally work fine in Firefox. 

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