Awaiting Baby

This week we finish April and enter MAY. We both love the month of May!  It is warming up, but still cool enough. Tulips are yielding to trilliums, rain loses its sting and begins to nourish, grass stops crunching and starts glowing. Stacey is out walking as much as possible, and Kaleb is back on his beloved bike. Both of us were born in May (4th and 22nd). Both of our fathers were born in May(11th and 20th). Our first child is due in May (11th or 19th...she and God are still working that one out)! We only have a few weeks until she is due and we have been slowly getting things ready, "nesting" like the rest of the birds.

We feel very thankful and blessed to be living with the Palmers, where this picture was taken. We have more than enough space and calm privacy in their beautiful basement apartment. Many people have asked us (as we addressed in our post of FAQs) about "all of our stuff" or what will we do with a baby. The Palmer's apartment is fully furnished (except baby items). But, as you can see in the picture, we are doing just fine! We borrowed the large items from local friends, which we'll use for the first few months while we adjust and make our decision about our future location. Once we decide where we will be living (States or Honduras) we'll purchase other "baby needs" in the appropriate country to avoid the major hassle of shipping or transporting "stuff." We are thrilled to be using second-hand items, clothing, and cloth diapers, and we love being a part of a culture that shares and reuses.. The less "stuff" for us, the better!  A great question to always be asking ourselves is "what really is enough?" We live simply but very happily in our home in Honduras and plan to do the same here. Thanks for all that have lovingly loaned.

We covet your prayers for a healthy baby and safe delivery! Pray for us as we transition into being parents. Stacey plans to stay home with the baby after the birth and Kaleb will return to work after a little "paternity leave" to the Xenia, OH Heart to Honduras office.

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