A woman’s note – update!

I just wanted to update you all with some of my more recent blessings. 
We were able to purchase our first piece of furniture – a propane 2 burner stove!

Now we’re able to eat some things other than cereal and jelly sandwiches.  Just rice, beans, and eggs so far.  With still not having a car, we have only been to the town where the food is (Santa Cruz) once so we had to get food/ingredients that last a long time – we were running slim on choices.  You can pray we are able to purchase a good vehicle soon!

God provides.  Each time I think we’re going to go to bed hungry or not have enough to make something we end up being blessed with the opportunity to find food somewhere.  You really can live on one meal a day – try it sometime!  I thank God for my husband who doesn’t mind hunger and doesn’t mind repeating the same 3 foods for weeks. You should have seen our eyes when we were taken to San Pedro Sula yesterday for a meeting and on our way saw Pizza Hut, Applebee’s, Wendy’s, McDonalds, Duncan Donuts, Subway, and a few more.  There they all were - hidden from us 1 ½ hrs. away.  Our co-worker took us to “Power Chicken” for chicken, ribs (not quite what we’re used to – don’t get too excited), yucca fries, and Chinese rice.  

I’ve also had the blessing of washing clothing by hand at the pila.

It’s super hard to get them to smell good, but even harder to rinse out the soap.  Once they hang on the line to dry each piece is SUPER crispy – I feel like I’ve starched all of our clothing each time.  It’s tricky with rain every day how to get the clothing dry as well.

My conclusion – everything here takes more time.  
  • If you want to eat you need to get food 20 min. away in Santa Cruz and bring it home knowing it will need to last you until you can get there again.  
  • If you want beans for dinner you need to soak them for 6 hrs. or overnight before beginning to cook them which itself takes 1.5 hrs.  
  • If you want US familiar food – drive 1.5 hrs. to San Pedro Sula.   
  • If you want good smelling, clean clothing you have to soak them in a bucket with the detergent overnight, get up early to wash them, and then let them dry in the hot sun before the rain comes in the afternoon.  
I’m glad God made me a planner and that we're planning on having our own garden once we get into a community and get some land!


  1. I love reading about your adventures so far Stacey! Thanks for sharing.

  2. hooray a stove!! and clean clothes! what more could you want?? lol! Keep up the amazing work. We love you!