Life at the Office

So what have we been up to since the “Project Honduras Conference”?
Well, our goal right now is to begin to visit potential communities to move into (where we will work via the local church to start community development).  This whole thing is a long process but in short we have established:
  • Criteria for the community where we’ll begin development
  • Questions for the local pastor, community leaders, and individual families
  • Potential communities based on conversation with Honduran staff
So far we have visited two communities and have enjoyed our time there.  Today we will visit two more and we have plans to spend extended time in one next week. In addition to our main goal we also have been car searching (so we don’t need to be escorted everywhere), studying Spanish, reading about development, beginning to teach English classes to the Honduran staff, helping out with translations/communication/etc. in the office, and getting to know the Honduran staff and their families. 
Oh, and our side job - going through about a 1/2 bottle of heavy duty bug spray a day while still acquiring 3-4 bites a day. We think the bugs here have started to acquire a taste for Deet.

Damos gracias a Dios por - la oportunidad de conocer familias hondureƱas (opportunity to get to know Honduran families)

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  1. Wow, thats a lot of deet!

    Is bug-spray readily available down there?