Update of the Standard Variety

Hello all. I know that you're not all hanging on the edge of your seats to see what's going on down here, especially if our update is without pictures. But for those of you following, we thought we'd just let you in on what's been going on down here.

Spanish is continuing to improve for both of us. Kaleb's finally starting to feel like every now and then a word makes sense, and occasionally has a conversation without struggling too much. We've been over to several local houses now for dinner. The folks receiving us here have been beyond kind to us and have made us feel very welcome. It's been great to be here long enough to actually start establishing relationships with the staff and local people.

This past week, we also went out to visit a few "widow's homes" in  the community of San Isidro. A group of engineering students wanted to do a survey to see how well the homes that HtH build actually meet the material and cultural needs of the recipients. As a result, we've had the chance thus far to make into 8 different homes in the community and check out how the homes are doing. For the most part, after a few years, the people that have received them still very much like and appreciate the homes. It's still strange (weeks later) to walk to a house, sit down and be surrounded by chickens, pantsless children, and piles of corn and/or coffee. Many times, the previous home is still standing and is used as a shed, and these homes are always shockingly bad. Many of these people have spent the majority of their lives living in wooden shacks with holes big enough for a cow to walk through (not exaggerated). The floors are nothing but dirt, and there is a fire going inside. The difference between the new home (which, without exception, has been kept up immaculately) and the old home is striking and seems to really give the recipients hope. 

We've also made it out to a few more communities to kind of get the lay of the land, but we'll talk more about the selection process in a future post. As we progress though, more and more doors seem to swing open and connections continue to be made. Thanks again for your prayers and support. We're thinking of you all as well and as always, please let us know how we can support you all as well.

Damos gracias a Dios por: hasta ahora, nuestro tiempo en los communidades y con familias (The time we've spent up til now in communities and with families.)

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  1. I'm checking your blog every few days and keeping up! Want to be sure I'm praying as needed and keeping up with how you are doing. Trying not to worry... ;-)