Smooth Sailing - New Road to Las Lomitas

After 8 years, the national government of Honduras returned to repair the dirt road that leads to our house. The work was more than satisfactory. The difference is best told in the following video of before and after the construction.

This post is dedicated to our 1990 Nissan Pathfinder that just rolled-over 400,000 kilometers with its original turbo-diesel still knock-knock-knockin. However great the motor, after many goats in the trunk, loads of grass and posts on the roof, trucks drug out of ditches and mudholes, road trips with Alida, replaced suspension and steering components, and SCREEECHES from the underside of the cars sliding across rocks along the way we mildly lifted and modified the suspension in October of 2015. These modifications, along with the new road, are saving our kidneys and backside. Thank you car.


  1. OH. WOW !!!!!
    So happy for you !!!!
    Praise God for this road!

  2. Tremendous blessing...long time in coming but glad it is finished!

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