Capacity Creation

At Heart to Honduras we have made "capacity creation" one of our core values. Here is a story from the young women's group in Las Lomitas.

When we talk about capacity creation we talk about individuals and groups of people finding their true identity as children of God.  As children of The King we ALL have many gifts, talents, and resources to offer.  Many people would say that a group of young women from a rural, materially poor community could never come up with $35 per person to attend a weekend youth camp.  But, when encouraged that they "can do all things through Christ who strengthens them" and empowered to think creatively and confidently about their God given abilities and local recourses- all is possible.  

This past year, 2015, the young women's group (ages 14-21) in Las Lomitas had a desire to go back to Heart to Honduras's "International Extreme Camp."  They worked together to do fundraisers like family movie nights at the church (charging for entry and selling popcorn and soda).  When asked the local church wanted to support this idea for spiritual, social, and emotional growth and made a donation from their general fund.  To reach the final goal each family of the girls also pitched in to advance their daughter's holistic development.  After a year of focus and teamwork, they were off to camp. These girls went to camp, not taking it for granted and with a dignity and confidence they never had before and would still be been lacking if all were provided from outside/international funds.

They are off and running again this year, already have done 3 fundraisers!

Here is a picture of a recent endevor. Creating, baking, decorating, and selling their own sugar cookies for a fundraiser on Valentine's Day (here known as "The Day of Love and Friendship").  They sold all 32 they made locally!

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