New Kid in the Yard

On Sunday, our uncomfortably-wide goat, Lechita, was starting to seem exceptionally miserable. A few basic check later, and I was certain that she was beginning labor. Since she seemed like she was just beginning her misery, we decided to go out to lunch with some friends before coming back to settle in to watching and waiting. We asked Argelia and the twins to kind of keep an eye on her for an hour or so until we were back and let us know if anything happened... which she did an hour later... with a text that read...

Don't worry about hurrying back. She already had her baby.

We didn't worry, but we did hurry back - just in time too! Just in time to watch the exciting delivery of number two! Nope, just kidding, that's the placenta. She ended up with one little buck goat, which actually looks quite a bit like a mix of mom and dearest dad.

When Lechita met Dearest Dad. This was the moment that began their short, but remarkably-intense courtship that ended with the creation of Baby Goat about 5 minutes later.

Baby Goat is doing quite well - nursing like a fiend and now out and about quite a bit. Goats are kind of the reverse of ugly ducklings. They start off eye-wateringly cute and rather quickly become teeth-grindingly obnoxious. So, we thought we'd share a couple pictures of the little guy on day 4 of life before he becomes something that we're anxious to get rid of. Enjoy.

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