Hello and Happy New Year!

First of all, please forgive our lack of blogs.  Life, as always, is busy.  We mean well and don’t always get it done.  We would like to continue our “Stories from Honduras” series in the very next blog.  So, stay tuned.

We enjoyed the month of December visiting friends, family, and catching up with Stateside work and coworkers. It was the first time we were back all year and was much needed. We actually feel refreshed this time!

Alida turned 1.5 yrs. at Thanksgiving '15 and keeps growing.

She loved her time with family in the States and loves being back home with her animals and friends as well. She just loves being with people, so she is happy just about anywhere. She is learning both English and Spanish at about the same rate. She says at least 12 words in each and is starting 2 word sentences.

We are very excited for the direction of Heart to Honduras (HTH) and our role as “Developer of Transformational Initiatives.”  We call it Community Development finally getting to do what we came down to do through Heart to Honduras. We’ll talk more about that role in another post at some point. We have a new staff structure this year and are making some serious (and very good!) changes.

In Las Lomitas, our village, we have a new pastor in position for 2 months now.  His name is Eduar Funez.  Please keep he and his wife(Xiomara) and 2 daughters(Abi and Helen) in your prayers. 

They are from La Concepcion (Pastor Fredy’s community about 15 by car).  hey have been traveling for Sunday and Wednesday services and are looking to move to Las Lomitas ASAP to become full-time members of the community. 

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