Photo of the Week: Drying items in the rain

Babies poop.... a lot. In Honduras, it rains.... a lot. Disposable diapers aren't a very good option for us for a variety of reasons, among them - the disposal of said items with no trash system. Being in the rainy season, we knew that it might be difficult to dry our awesome new-fangled cloth diapers and as it turns out, it is. We've had a couple of cold fronts come through that dump about a foot or two of rain over a week without stopping. Imagine soaking a thick towel, and then hanging it in a cold shower just beside of the stream of water and you get the idea of what trying to air dry a diaper in the rainy clouds is like. As it turns out, the oven is the best option for when everything is dripping. We can get 6-8 dried in an hour with the above arrangement. Not too bad considering.

Gives the cookies a neat flavor too.

Next up... washing out your darling princess' poop by hand.

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