Thank You.

Dear Stacey.

It has come to our attention that you have been largely unthanked for your incredible contribution to the ministry Corazón Para Honduras, the people of Honduras, and the Kingdom of God. We would like to thank you for your tireless dedication to excellence, outstanding love for people, willingness to engage in difficult questions, and strength of character, resolve, and desire for transparency.

Your contribution to the department has enabled this year to be a tremendous success. You surely are an uncelebrated hero and have allowed us to accomplish tremendous strides over the past three years. Regardless of physical condition or geographic location, your commitment has been unwavering. Your attention to detail continues to help us in our daily work. Even though you may not currently be able to work in the office, please know that your impact continues in our daily work even today. Your fingerprints are on every file and project; your persistent voice that encourages integrity and a holistic view of people is forever whispering, encouraging us to do better and love harder. Your impact continues to grow even though you may not be here with us physically.

We know that the work that you now have is of equal or greater importance and of even higher demands than your previous assignment. Please know that we are here to support you in your daily work and know that you care deeply about the success of this department.
We love you, miss you here at the office, and are so thankful for you.

Department of Community Development
Heart to Honduras


  1. Yup...she's pretty influential and important in more ways than one! Love you and proud of you, sis!