Electricity in Las Lomitas

 Las Lomitas is full of fighters. People that won’t give up, even though they understand the direness of their situation. One year ago, when we began talking about an electricity project here, we met with some serious doubt. But, thanks to the president of the patronato (town council), Pablo, we’re at a place today that we never would have dreamed last year. Faithfully meeting with the mayor and pressing forward, we are so very close to beginning the construction of the electricity project here in Las Lomitas.

The mayor has signed a written agreement that he will involve himself in this project, providing wires, transformers, etc. The national electrical organization, the ENEE, has provided the engineering plans and the approval for connection to the national grid upon completion of the project.  All necessary land easements have been signed. The community has fought, prayed, and waited for this day to come, and they are now involved as much as possible. To buy posts, the community has now provided nearly $1700, an enormous sum for a community so poor. They have also agreed to provide all unqualified labor for the project. Digging post holes and dragging cables will be work for many men in the near future. Here’s where you come in.

Electricity changes lives. It surely will bring some problems, but the opportunities it provides are incomparable. Refrigeration extends food and medicine storage. Outlets allow for phones to be charged and appliances to be used. Public lighting provides a level of safety that these people need so desperately. Indoor lighting extends the evening. Small businesses can begin. Imagine the difference in the life of a woman who now scrubs laundry by hand for three hours a day. Surely these changes will not come overnight, but they will now be possible with electricity, even unreliable Honduran electricity.

$1700 is a lot of money, but still nearly $12,000 short of what is needed to buy posts. Several generous donors have already provided the much of the money for the post purchase, but all funds are helpful. Any funds provided above this amount can be used to help continue the project into the second phase of expansion. This is an incredible chance to come alongside those in need and make a real difference in their lives. We have a large file full of documents detailing this project should they be desired by anyone, and we would be so very happy to send them.

Those interested can donate online by visiting www.hth.org and using the “Donate” page. You can contribute using either PayPal or with credit card using the “Churchwerks” option. In addition, you can send a check made out to Heart to Honduras. With any of these donations, please designate the funds to “Las Lomitas Electricity.” Thank you so much to those of you that have already donated and to those of you that I know will respond to this need. Stay up to date on the blog. Community Development efforts are ramping up and the need for funding will increase as projects come in. We'll keep you informed as the needs develop.

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  1. I'm so excited for you guys and the rest of the community. I can't wait to see how different things are the next time we come to visit you! We will continue to pray that you receive the funds you need and that things continue to move forward with the project. This will be a huge victory for the people of Las Lomitas!