Escuelita is what our village calls Escuela Dominical or Sunday School.   

We have an average of 25 kids aged 2-10 each week; we don’t have limits on the ages so we get all over the map depending on the week.  When we moved here, Stacey said she was more than willing to start a Sunday School, but there would need to be a local leader in training to eventually take it over as the main teacher.  This local leader turned out to be a very mature 13 year old named Iris Marlenis.  This picture is great and explains itself, but that's Iris Marlenis at the front with Stacey.

She spent several weeks just observing and helping and then each week started to take on one activity.  She has gradually taken on more activities, worked herself up over the year, and is now running Sunday School on her own.  We still are present but have tried to let her spread her wings and fly.  We recently have brought on another 15 yr old girl who will be an assistant to Iris, her name is Maritza.  It is very encouraging to know that while we are visiting back in the States this holiday season, the children in Las Lomitas will continue to be taught the Word and have a safe and healthy place to be Sunday morning. 

We thought we’d let you have a glimpse into an average Sunday morning at 10am.  

Each child passes to the front of the church as they arrive to “check in” and say their Bible memory verse.  They get a piece of candy as a reward if they recite their verse.  Then we enter into a “song” time where they have learned about 10 Bible kids songs this year.  It’s been wonderful to open these children’s minds to songs made for them that are fun, have motions, and carry a message instead of only “adult” worship songs they knew from church before.

After the songs they all sit down and start the time where they must remain, “Calladito y Tranquilito” (Quiet and Calm) otherwise known as Bible Story time.  We brought down a children’s Bible which is illustrated in cartoon style and the kids enjoy hearing and watching the Bible story. 
That's Maritza and Iris to the left of Stacey, the two who are taking over while we're gone.

If Stacey feels a little reinforcement is needed to understand the story or the lesson for that day it is followed up by further explanation which usually involves using volunteers. At the end of this time we recite what is their “homework,” a Bible memory verse taken from the story.

We then play a game.  We’ve introduced a lot of our typical games as well as used some of the local ones to get the kids moving and have some fun.

After they have run off some steam, we sit down at our plywood on top of boxes make shift table (thanks Apex team for the idea!) and have craft time.  Many times it’s a coloring sheet or many times we create some sort of craft to go with the Bible story that day.

Yep, Echo attends Sunday School too, he's actually our most faithful student!

We finish the morning by making a circle and ending with a prayer that the kids repeat aloud after the teacher.  We also pass around an offering basket and encourage the kids to learn to give, many of them pull out their one or two Lempiras (5-10 cents in USD) and proudly drop it in the basket.

We thank God for the opportunity to share His word, His story, and His promises with these little ones that don’t receive this teaching anywhere else.

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