As most of you know by now, Honduras does not give visas for more than 90 days.  So, as foreigners we have to leave the country every 90 days.  Since we have not been back in the States since Christmas, we have had to leave 3 times this year.  The first was to Hopkins, Belize, second to Antigua, Guatemala, and most recently to Granada, Nicaragua.  We have chosen bordering countries to cut down on costs, but this is still a heavy part of our budget.  Law requires us to be out of the country 3 days before re-entering and getting a new stamp for 90 days.  We would put Antigua as our most enjoyable visit.  Some say, "Oh, how great you get a built in break every 3 months."  Others say, "Wow, that's a lot of traveling."  Both of these statements are true.  It is a bitter sweet time for us and each time we find ourselves really wishing we didn't have to do it.  If we wanted a break every 3 months we could think of much closer and cheaper options.  As we continue to pray about how long we'll be in Honduras that includes if we will start the process of becoming residents which would not require us to renew our visa any more.  Just to clarify, that is not changing our citizenship, just country of residence.  This would be a huge decision and that is why we have not done it yet.
This past time we chose Nicaragua because a staff member and HTH vehicle was driving there, so we got a free ride!  We were able to ride for free with them to the capital, Managua and from there took a small bus to a smaller town called Granada.  Here are a few pictures of colonial churches from our time there.

View from a church bell tower of Lake Nicaragua

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