New Addition...Nala

We're proud to announce that we've added another critter to the stable. We are now the proud owners of a baby orange poof!
It meows like a kitten, has claws like a kitten, but runs like a monkey and seems to be made only of pure fluff and raw energy. However, a few other clues have led us to believe that it is indeed at least in the feline family, if not an actual Honduran kitten, which are the following:
  • It seems to hate water and being bathed and Stacey's poor hands can prove it.
  • It is capable of hosting and sustaining a small nation of fleas.
  • It has the demonstrated ability of climbing to the tops of all screens in the house for no reason, meow incessantly, then throw itself to the concrete floor without harming itself. 
  • It has an unnaturally strong urge to repeatedly walk between your face and a book while you are reading and then at the last second, turn and thrust its disturbingly close, tiny butt directly at your mouth or nose.
  • It insists on following you into the bathroom and then staring at you as you try to go about your business.
  • It hates the big black animal with the huge tongue and paws with a passion that rivals its hate of water.
  • At every mealtime it screams and leaps incessantly at diners like a starving, rabid raccoon until you finally provide it with food, at which time it sniffs it and walk away without interest. 
Kitty and the Tongue Beast.
 Thanks to a recent persistent rodent guest with a fondness for people food and a supernatural aversion to rat traps, we decided we were open to the idea of an animal with an appetite to that type of visitor. We almost immediately decided that a poisonous snake snake in the house would probably make life a little too exciting and that our house is a tad too small for most birds of prey. So, when this abandoned kitten showed up Fredy's last week and followed us around, we decided it might be our best option.

We're enjoying our time with Nala right now, despite the less enduring traits of her species. She's a 1 lb ball of dynamite just starting her mighty hunter training. If nothing the flies and spiders in the house now have to stay on their toes and look over their shoulders.

Flies are tasty.

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