Weekly Update 2

Last week was filled with a meeting with the mayor, finishing the pila (holds water where you can wash dishes/clothing), laying the concrete slab over the septic hole (needed to be strong because we are also planning to put the car on this slab), attending a community meeting, having a great church service about using our talents, celebrating Pastor Erick’s birthday, and much more.

The next step to get the house where we’d like (especially for visitors – which starts in early June) is the cistern.  The hole is dug on the porch but the next part is to lay block inside it and seal it well to hold the water.  Then pour concrete for the lid/porch floor, after that we’ll hook up a hand pump to send the water up to the roof where a tank will be.  From the tank on the roof gravity will allow the water to fall into the tubes already built into the house (shower, toilet, sinks).
This week so far we have been in meetings for community development with Heart to Honduras and working on the Honduran Heart to Honduras website – which is very new.  A water project is starting in a community named Armenta.  As much as we don’t like being inside or in the car a lot it’s been a nice break away from mixing concrete by hand.  Kaleb mixed 12 bags by hand to lay the concrete slab, his body needed a break.

We also got the chance to get a little involved in community aspects. Stacey started a Sunday school with another local lady. Despite the boys smacking each other in the back of the head, it went really well. We also got to sit in on a community meeting and vote. On Sunday morning, Kaleb got up at 4:30 AM to go out with the men of the community to "maintain" the roadside. In the states, this would mean a tractor or weedeater of some sort, however, here it means chopping with a machete in semi-jungle for an hour. As enjoyable as it was, the best part was sharing the life with the men in this way, for them to see we don't believe we're any better than them and are interested in working alongside them, learning from them.

We’ve recently got the idea for a way for you to be involved in what God does here in Las Lomitas.  We would love if some of you would take a name of someone in the community and commit to pray for them.  We feel unable to cover each person in prayer the way we want to and believe that God could do great things if His people start praying for these people personally.  If you are interested in becoming a prayer warrior for one person from Las Lomitas please email us and we’ll give you a name and a brief description of them.  If you don’t already have our email, click on the “Contact Us” tab above, you’ll see our email there – just be sure to take our the X’s.  

  Thanks again for being involved and supporting us!

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