Finally Moved in!

Sorry we haven't posted in a while, but the reason is a great one - we officially moved in our new home in the community of Las Lomitas on Sunday March 25th.  It's not near finished, but livable.  Since our community doesn't have electricity we unfortunately will be posting only about once a week when we come in to work in the office and have internet access. Our next big steps are the cistern/rain water system, covering the septic hole with a concrete slab, and building our pila.  Until that all is finished we'll keep hauling water in buckets from a creek or our neighbor when it rains (she collects rain water but right now it's the dry season) to bucket bathe, wash dishes, clean, and manually flush the toilet.  
Pictures are worth a 1,000 words - so here's our home! 
Can't wait to have you here to share it!

Sorry the picture is rough, but it's the only one of the front we have.

Just inside the front door - the living room.

The other half of the front room is the kitchen.

Flowers from Kaleb and community kids, mortar and pestles from parents, and homemade candle from sisters.  Thanks to all!


Our bedroom.

Guest room!

Bathroom. (Coming soon... finished shower and a sink).

The future shed/mudroom/Kaleb's space... for now it's where we bucket bathe because it has a drain at the end.

Reading from the children's Bible with neighbor girls after breakfast.  The 2 standing are twins and the little one is their niece.

View out our front door.  The horses were brought in for the afternoon by a neighbor (4 yr. old) to "cut the grass."

Our front porch.  The newest addition is the swing for neighborhood kids.  It's a hit!  That's Echo's dog house Pamela is sitting on.
This bouquet was brought to us by a family as a "thank-you" for Kaleb's EMT skills on their 16 yr. old's machete wound. 


  1. Stacey!! Everything looks awesome. Your house looks perfect and it looks like you are truly in your element there. Hope all is well. -Amy

  2. True homeowners, without a mortgage! Awesome pics - keep 'em coming!

  3. The house looks great! Hoping I can visit sometime!