Well, we’re finally off! As of yesterday, we have plane tickets for Honduras on Sept.17! As fun as it has been to see family, travel (live out of the back of an old Subaru), and catch up on sleep (substantially less), we’re really looking forward to moving on. The waiting game is over, and we’re headed south! Since we updated you on the Ohiotucky/Eldridge portion of our time off, we thought we’d fill you in on the Pennsylvania/Reeder time. Our three weeks in PA were also very busy. When we weren’t weathering earthquakes and hurricaines, we had the opportunity to speak at two churches and catch up with friends. We started our time off with some yard-saling. Oh, let the good times roll. We dragged ourselves to the gym daily, where we officially felt like the world’s biggest woosies. Apparently, all man/bull/bear hybrids were required to be at the North York Gold’s Gym at exactly the same time we were and lift precisely 10 times the amount that we could lift together. Needless to say, the gym time was beneficial, intimidating, and entertaining. We did a lot of reading, some tennis, some eating, some singing, some crying, some senior pictures, some Hershey Parking, some dog walking, and some doctor visiting. On the doctors visits…my mother-in-law, Debbie, and I tried to outdo each other with horrific sounding, yet relatively harmless injuries one day. That afternoon, Stacey and I were trying to clean up a tree that Hurricane Irene knocked down in the backyard. Long story short, the chainsaw misbehaved when I was holding a limb still with my foot and jumped onto my boot. Terrified, I ripped off my now-butchered boot, glared at my bloody,ripped sock and found the most innocent wound a chainsaw could ever inflict. Needless to say, I feel grateful and blessed. I am also at fault for Debbie’s wounding. I innocently decided to hand a corncob to the family terrier, Nittany, not realizing that the vile beast was obsessed with corn and butter and would not only gnaw on the cob, but try to swallow it hole. This realization led us to pile onto the dog, yelling, prying, pulling, pushing, and growling at her, trying to get it out of her throat. At the last minute, we managed to pop it out; however, Nittany, never a quitter, quickly leapt back at the cob, instead catching Debbie’s hand. It tore her hand up. Bad puppy. So, we decided to spend a little quality time in the Urgent Care. Precious memories. As I type this, we’re on the tail end of our PA time in Pittsburgh, spending time with our baby niece Alivia, a.k.a. Thunder Britches. She’s doing great, so are her mommy and daddy. All-in-all, we’ve had a great trip. So next, we’re headed back through Gallia county to pack up on our way back to the HtH Stateside office. From there, we’re flying from Dayton to San Pedro Sula, Hon. to start two weeks of immersive language school in Copan. While we’re there, we’ll update this blog as internet is available. Thanks again so much for all your prayers, thoughts, and support. We truly couldn’t do this without you. Please keep in touch, we’d love to hear how you all are doing as well.

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