End of our Time in Copan

Sorry it's been so long since we updated. The electricity/internet has been less than reliable this past week.

This past weekend we spent Saturday visiting the Mayan Ruins in Copan Archeological Park. This particular site was a Mayan center for gatherings, special events, sacrifices, and where the current ruler lived with his family and subjects. We think we set the record for saying, “Indiana Jones” the most in a 24 hr. period.  It includes the Great Plaza, ball court, and Acropolis, its construction began in 200 A.D. The extensive hieroglyphics are dated back to 420-850 A.D. A little further down the road we visited “Supulturas” which was a Mayan residential area where were able to see where the upper, middle, and lower class families lived.

 For more photos of Copan Ruinas, check the "Pictures" page for a slideshow. We won't bore you here.

Sunday we enjoyed going to the market to buy some vegetables and then making our host family a “North American Meal” – Chicken pot pie, red beets, and eggs. Not sure if all of you eat that but it’s a Pennsylvania thing that Stacey grew up eating in her family. The family enjoyed it all except the 13 year old daughter who passed her beets over to her dad. It was great to be back cooking together!

Language school has been a great experience for both of us, we highly recommend it. Kaleb is finishing his intermediate workbook and learning a lot. He’ll be considered “advanced” by the time we leave! He’s good enough to be funny when he mistakes a very similar word for the one he wants to say like one time he tried to describe hail like we have in the States. Instead of “hielo del cielo” (ice from the sky) he used “huele del cielo” (smell from the sky). He just started to be able to use his sarcasm which is crucial for his personality to come across. Stacey has been blessed with a great teacher who is a believer and they enjoy chatting every day about life, family, culture, and that there are about 5 synonyms for every Spanish word that Stacey knows. After 4 years of being out of practice she appreciates this time to “get back into it.”  She’s also working on the “if I would have known that she did that I maybe/might/could/would have thought to do this” kind of sentences while they talk.

All is about the same here. It’s sunny and hot during the day – shade is your friend. We get rain every afternoon/evening, sometimes very strong thunderstorms. We leave Copan Ruinas and move to the Heart to Honduras Office in San Isidro this Sat. Oct. 1 we should have internet there as well and will continue to update as we can. We would love to hear from you – send us an email anytime!

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  1. Chicken pot pie...ah, yes. Haven't had that in quite a while - yup, Stacey never ate those purple things (or many other vegetables for that matter when she was young!) Love you guys!