1 Year Old Alida Fe

On May 25th our baby turned a year old!

We celebrated early at “grandpa” Fredy’s house with a Winnie the Pooh cake made by her Grandma Reeder.  

Stacey’s mom was able to visit us for 9 days in May. We are very grateful for her visit, she was a BIG help!

On Alida’s actual birthday we were in Florida for an HTH regional gathering so we celebrated just the three of us with a poolside cupcake. 

She is walking very well, even “running” now, extremely curious and loves to interact with people.  She says a million sounds but her “real” words so far are “Mama”, “Dada”, and “Hola.” We are thankful she has been very healthy so far. 
We thank God for giving Alida the gift of life a year ago for HIS purposes and HIS glory.  She has come a long way since those 10 days in the Miami Valley NICU a year ago.

Every day we are each given this very same gift.  Sometimes we want to make NICU turnarounds the only miracles people hear about.  Each day and every breath is JUST as much of a miracle.  It’s unfortunate we take those miracles for granted.  God could chose to take any of us at any moment.  Let’s make the most of today and give Him thanks for the daily life HE graciously gives to each of us.

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