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All of January and February we both kept saying how we needed to get an update on the blog and never had time to get it done.  So apparently we both wrote "updates" separately.  Kaleb posted his on the 23rd not knowing Stacey had written one too.  So here is Stacey's version too.
We traveled to the States for 3 weeks to see family for Christmas and have some meetings with our organization in late Dec. - early Jan. 

8 flights, 3 States, 4 homes, tendonitis, and 2 teeth later we returned or our home sweet home exhausted. To be totally honest we were at the end of our ropes in all areas.  Home never felt so good.  Alida does great on planes, airports, and meeting new people.  But, she did not do well when we continued to change her surroundings.  Her main problem is sleeping in new places.  Once she gets behind on sleep (actually I should say, once we ALL get behind on sleep) things went extremely down hill.

Between readjusting and all of us getting sick it took a few weeks to get back to “normal.”  We have been thoroughly enjoying “normal” now for well over a month!  We love HOME!

Some other new things since the new year include adding to our life Alida’s new puppy, Pimienta(Pepper), two goats, and 6 chicks. So we have been busy making our tiny plot of land a functioning farm.  We also have been building permanent garden beds out of stone and concrete to get the garden ramped up again soon.  No end to stories of God working in people’s lives as well.  We wish we had time to write up their stories.  Maybe someday we will.

Our three days a week with HTH have been quiet busy as well as more and more communities adopt the community development process to solicited assistance in the their own community projects.  More about Community Development in another post coming soon.

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