THE Question

Our conversations over the past month have all seemed to drift towards one pressing question, nearly always phrased the same way.

"So... what are you guys thinking about going back?"

Of course there are variants.
"You guys aren't still thinking about going back are you?"

"Are you really thinking about taking your daughter back?"

From what I can tell, that last question seems to be the most honest one. And, if we (Kaleb and Stacey) are honest, it's the one that we ask ourselves all the time. The thought of taking our infant daughter to rural Honduras is a very difficult one - a thought so difficult in fact, that we had nearly decided to not have a child at all under these circumstances.

Complicating the decision is Stacey's fractured tailbone, which was desafortunadamente broken during the child-birthing process.


As you can imagine, our daily environment is a nightmare world for even the healthiest of coccyx: hard plastic chairs, concrete floors, stiff off-road suspensions bouncing over rutted-out dirt roads, murderous mattress springs stabbing as you sleep. Clearly Stacey will need to recuperate a bit more from her current painful situation. As of now, how long it will take her to recover is a bit unclear, and we are seeking medical guidance to understand how to help her heal and have some relief. Should this condition continue to be severe or become chronic, we may have to re-evaluate our current plans.

On top of the aforementioned issues are other little details like vaccinations, passports, hospital bills, prepping our Honduran house for a third member, residency and visas, concerns over safety, child-care in a developing-world situation, and international travel with an infant.

So. We have a few things to think about for sure, but we are planning to and working towards a return to Honduras sometime within the next two months. Our actual timeline will most likely be dictated by the state and prognosis of Stacey's tailbone issue. We are moving forward with the other items, such as Alida's passport.

Taking a passport photo for an infant is comparable taking a passport photo for a flying squirrel.

Little by little, we are making progress. We really do appreciate your prayers and support as we prepare our minds, hearts, and bodies for southward migration along with our little feathered friends. For those so inclined, please pray specifically for Stacey's pain and healing without long-term effects, Alida's adaptation to the tropics, and safety for our family. We know that we have been called to Las Lomitas, and we know that God is using us to foster hope in a place that feels as if He and the world have forgotten them.

Be in touch, we love to hear from friends and family.

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  1. I'm enjoying the passport photos! Praying for healing and wisdom.