After 14 months!

Sister Carmen(15), brother Santillo(13), Noe (11), brother Jesus(6), mother Cristina in our front yard.
Noe is back in Las Lomitas for the first time in 14 months!  He looks great!  He had his eye surgery on Tues. Dec. 3, was in recovery for 4 days, and then came home on Sat. Dec. 7th.  He has another follow up appointment to see how successful the surgery was and if he will need other surgeries to completely fix the problems on Dec. 20th.  He has a pair of glasses that are working for now, but will be reevaluated as to if they will be good for the long term.  Please be in prayer for his transition back to living with his mother and brothers instead of living in the children's home as well as the continued healing of his eye.  Noe turns 11 this Sat. Dec. 14th.  Thanks again to all who have been in prayer for him and have supported these 14 months of health and nutrition recuperation!

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