Well, I just saw today's date, and the last post date. This pretty well confirms my suspicion that I'm a lousy blogmaster. Sorry if anyone depends on these posts as a source of happiness. If you do, please find something else to keep you entertained.

Life has been busy, but we're doing well. Since I last updated, we've been through our first legitimate case of parasites. Fortunately they were giardia, not the wormy kind. So, we just ended up burping Hell's air freshener for a few days and seeing how fast we could liquify things and move them through our intestinal tract. (If traveler's diarrhea is a 1990 Mustang GT, then giardia puts us in a brand new Ferrari). But, we're back on our feet and off of the toilet; life is good.

The rain has started back up and the garden is planted out. So, that's nice. Nighttime temperatures have returned to sub-baking temperatures, and I seem to be sweating much more normal amounts. Our puppy is becoming Dog and beginning to do Dog things. Like get stupid muddy and then jumping on us. She's also proven her worth in identifying multiple toads and then barking until they can't hear.

We've also been hanging out with a group of students for the past couple weeks. The students from the ambassador students have bounced around, visited, hiked, lived, and vomited with us. We really hope that they'll be able to learn from what they've seen. We hope that Aubrey, Taylor, Genelle, Stephanie, Micah, Colleen, Chelsea, and Jesse follow their hearts, make hard decisions, and love hard. 

Happy 4th!

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