A frequently asked question

We get the question from time to time: "what does a typical week or typical day look like?"  Or, "what do you guys do?"  So we thought we would try to answer.  Obviously it's hard to answer because of how "routines" and "normal" don't really exist for us.  We never know what a day will bring!  The bottom line every day goal is to be most effective for the Lord.

A Typcial Week:  We try to spend 5 days a week in our community and our main goals there are two fold.  Number one: Supporting the local pastor, church, and community leaders in their development.  We are not leaders in the community, we only support and encourage the locals.
Number two: Creating and living in a demonstration area.  Modeling sustainable technologies such as rain water harvesting, gardening, small animal production, hygine, security, education, etc.  Not just material modeling, but as well in our lifestyle (spiritually, socially, physically, and emotionally).  We're not perfect and never will be, but as all Christians we all need to be at all times ambassadors of Christ.  We attempt to model positive thinking, conflict resolution, manners, etc.
The other two days of the week we volunteer with the ministry Heart to Honduras specifially in their Community Development department with their Coordinator Fredy Martinez.  We spend one day in the office organizing, planning, reviewing solicitations from communities/churches.  The other day we spend in the field working side by side with community pastors and leaders in their own development. Everything we do in our village, but just with less frequency.

A Typical Day:  We wake up at 5:30/6am, have coffee and a bread/cracker (very cultural for early morning here) while we have our personal devotions.  Remember that the village doesn't have running water, electricity, or public transportation, so all that implies (you can imagine) changes to our day.  From there Kaleb hits the garden (weeding, plating, watering, etc.) and Stacey hits the pila to wash clothes by hand.  Making 3 meals a day also takes much more time for Stacey.  Without your typical refrigerator, microwave, oven, etc. we eat a lot of what the locals eat plus what we harvest from the garden.  The 5 most eaten foods in our village are: rice, beans, plantains, yucca (cassava), and corn tortillas.  If we are caught up on projects around the house (currently it's a rabbit/chicken cage) we have time to visit families and help out with community projects like the pilas, rain water catchment, gardens, etc.  When we're not out in the community we are supporting, teaching, and training locals.  We also have Sunday School and Youth Group to plan and execute with local leaders.  We wrap up our day around 8pm and are usually asleep before 9:30pm.

Hope that helps catch a glimpse, it's about as simple as we can write it out.

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