We're Home!

After a 7 week visit to the US, we’re back home in Las Lomitas. 

We went from this:

To this:

We feel like we never left nor skipped a beat, which we see as a good thing.  We drove up the hill to our small village and while still in the car were welcomed with fireworks in the streets and a church full of community members ushering us out of the car and to the front through an aisle of kids throwing glitter.  They greeted us with special words, applause, and refreshments.  We then went to our home which was extremely clean, well taken care of, and decorated with balloons, mini posters, and flowers.  Even the bed had a special message.  

Our great next door neighbors (Mrs. A and her daughter) were the ones who cleaned and the teenage girls group did the decorating.  Pastor Erick, Naun, Chino, and Henry lived in the house and kept it safe.  Needless to say we feel welcome, yet again, in this humble village.  The next day a special lunch was prepared and served by the community council to the two of us, Pastor Erick, Pastor Fredy and his family in our home.
Naun did a great job with upkeep of the garden (as you can see in the picture above) and selling of its produce to the villagers, so the nutrition was still available.  Our dog and cat are alive and well, Sunday school, and the youth groups moved right along.  They have been sharing bit by bit what they learned and experienced while we were gone.  Pastor Fredy has been working with Pastor Erick in his involvement in new development projects/ideas for this year.  Fredy kept plugging away when he should have had vacation in the community development department of Heart to Honduras.  He respected our time away fairly well, but he’s more than ready to put us back to work. 
We’re thankful for God guiding us and putting key people in place so that we feel free to make a visit back to the States without our ministry falling apart.  One of our biggest goals is to get away from dependency and we feel like this time in the States was the first test.

Thanks to all of you that took care of us while in the States, you did too good of a job in the food area.  The scale is proof to 13 pounds each that we put on during those 7 weeks (no joke).  So now we’re working all of that off to get back to where we should be.

As the last post asked please be in prayer for rest and recuperation from the time in the States that left us tired as well (we've started by having slept 12 hrs. each of the first 3 nights here).  As well as time to renew strength, vision, and goals for this New Year.  We trust God knows what is in store for us and all of you.


  1. A little disturbing that your "vacation" in the USA left you feeling like you need a real vacation. I hope your time in Dayton was curative, and relaxing.

  2. Glad to see you made it home safe and sound. SO THANKFUL to spend some time with you :)