Back to School

September already.  We’re sure you are all in “Back to School” mode or at least wrapping up summer and looking forward to fall.  Life is different here.  The school year runs from February to December, we’re still in school mode and there never is fall here.  We’ll continue with hot/dry days and cooler rainy evenings until December when it starts to rain all the time.  Please enjoy the beauty of the four seasons back home for us.  This Sept. 15th will mark one year since we arrived in Honduras.  We moved out of our apartment in Centerville, OH in July, 2011, spent two months with family, and then moved here in September.  We began construction on our home in Feb. 2012 and moved into Las Lomitas March 25th.  As all of you know our commitment was for one year.  That will be coming up in just a week.  We wanted to give it a trial run to see whether we thought this was the place God has for us.  O we of little faith.
 We never want to pretend we know for a second what tomorrow may bring, so we truly try to live one day at a time and do what God has placed in our laps and in our paths that day.  At the same time people have started to ask the “big” question, “So how long are you guys going to stay down there?”  The answer is we really don’t know and we will continue to take life as it comes and God leads.  For now, we have planned to stay until the end of Nov. this year when we will come to the States to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and friends.  We will then come back to our humble abode in Las Lomitas and finish a full year living in Las Lomitas, which will be until end of March 2013.  We feel called to at least complete a full year living and working in the community to be able to see if we’ll be here longer.   Please be in prayer for us as we are in serious prayer about our future and “where” God wants that to be.  To be honest, we love it here and it feels like home, in addition, we’re seeing the community take huge strides towards development.  We feel like we’re doing what we were made to do and living in a way we were made to live.
Yes, it is hard every day in more ways than one and sometimes we don’t know if we can make it another day.  Without a washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, power tools, electric outlets and everything you plug into them, etc. daily life can be rough.  Sure, we’d prefer to live in a house with smooth, painted walls, sofas, chairs, carpet, and tile.  But are those things really necessities?  We’d challenge you to answer that question as well.   We make up for this knowing that we have the best jobs in the world and based on how God made us we are in a place where we are most effect for His Kingdom.  Is that not truly the ONE necessity?  So as you are “back to school” or “fall clothes” shopping, challenge yourself and your family with the question of “what truly is necessary?”  Could you go against our culture and downsize or simplify to bring God glory?  Could you make the sacrifice to truly get into the job/place that God made you for?  Do you even know what that is?  Maybe start praying for God to place you where you can be most effective for Him, because none of us really know “the day or the hour” when this life as we know it will be over.
We are assembling a “one year in review” letter that we will be mailing out.  If you have never received anything in the mail from us and would like to, please email us your address and we’ll make sure you receive it.  There are some of you who are donors and we don’t have you on our mailing list, please let us know who you are.

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