Update... Late edition.

I’d like to start this post with my favorite opening sentence. “It’s been a while since we’ve posted…” While true, I know that none of you have been sitting on pins-and-needles, nervously awaiting the next post.
Since the last update, we’ve visited Guatemala for a visa run, Ma and Pa Eldridge have visited the house for 10 days, and the rotavirus has visited everyone’s guts for longer than desired; 2 out of 3 isn’t too bad. 

Happy family (Kaleb has his game face on.)
We had a great visit with mom and dad. The majority of the time, we just took it easy in Las Lomitas and passed day to day life with them. They were able to meet neighbors, cook (and eat) local foods, wash laundry by hand, go trudging through the woods, make roadside repairs to the car, walk through coffee plantations with “Juan Valdez,” and even swing a machete a little. We also took some time to check out Caliche, Canchias, Lake Yojoa, and the ocean at Tela with them too. This was our first visit from family down here, and it was much, much appreciated. We know it took a lot of time out of their life, but it was great. We hope it was as encouraging for them as it was for us.
However, just as they were leaving, Honduras gave them a precious parting gift, the rotavirus. Dad received it on Father’s Day, but, being the wonderful father he is, decided to share it with mom on plane ride home so that they could both enjoy it together. Stacey and I shortly found ourselves painting the porcelain throne, but are on the mends now. 

We also had to scoot out of the country again to renew our visas and found ourselves in the very, very pleasant colonial Guatemalan town of Antigua. The 11 hours on a bus is a bit long, but very much worth it. Antigua sits about a mile high in the Guatemalan mountains within the shadow of three very impressive volcanoes. The cobblestone streets of the city have about a dozen beautiful cathedrals, a huge selection of really nice, authentic accommodation, and awesome places to check out the local food. Sorry Belize, but Guatemala wins round one. 

From here, we’ll continue moving forward with the vegetable garden and living fence at the house, as well as integrating into the community. Stacey has also begun facilitating a "chat" time with the young women of the community focusing on a Biblical view of abstinence and other typical problems facing these ladies. Please be praying for that on Wednesdays at 3PM.

We already feel very accepted and a lot of momentum within the community to move forward, but, we’re still taking our time and being sure that whatever we do, we don’t rush. The last thing we want to do is be in the community for a few months and let that be sufficient. We want to know these people as much as possible, to be sure that we’re moving forward as they want to, not as we do. The longer we're here, the more potential we feel. Amazing things are already happening, and we can't wait to see what's to come.

Damos Gracias a Dios por: sanarnos de los infeciones feos del cuerpo. (We give thanks to God for healing us from the yucky infections in our bodies.)

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