Weekly Update... Late edition

Living without internet has inevitably reduced our typing time, but we've resolved to do a better job of it over the coming weeks. Sorry for those of you that hang on our every word, waiting for the latest AMAZING update (all 2 of you, love you moms).

Since you last heard from us, we've been very busy, but happily so. We've been involved in a lot of community development meetings and planning within the ministry, and we're really looking forward to the future of this  ministry. So many changes are happening to move us toward self-sustainability and away from dependency. We feel very strongly that for too long, we as Christians have moved away from the Biblical principal of self-sustenance (check out Titus and 2 Thessolonians for more on that). As a result, we've disempowered many people around the world with a false gospel of dependency, resulting in many third world countries standing with hand outstretched, waiting for a handout. The processes and priorities we're putting in place currently as a ministry is moving us away from this model towards a process that's more empowering and Biblical.

 At the house, we're wrapping up the last construction project (the rainwater cistern), and can't wait to fill it up with the big spring rains. All said and done, we'll have about 5000 liters available of clean water. We're excited. We'll do a big post once we're all finished up with the house and the water situation.

We've also been heavily involved in Caliche over the past couple of weeks. We're nearing the final stages of the project and it's getting very exciting. This past week, a group of engineering students from the University of Dayton were here helping with the installation of the biosand filters and assessing the other structures along the line. The project is really incredible and we can't wait to see the finished project. Never in my life have I seen such dedication as I've seen from the folks in Caliche on this. Very motivated folks.

Sorry that it's such a quick update, but we're really doing well and will try to put together some more informative posts here over the coming week to explain a little better what's going on.

Thanks for checking in!

Damos gracias a Dios por: una clima increible donde podemos dormirnos bien. (We give thanks to God for an incredible climate where we can sleep well.)

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  1. Well.... maybe three people are hanging on your every word.

    God is using you. It makes me smile.