2 Steps forward 1 step back

That's how we feel like the construction process has gone for us with our new home.
We get moving and feel like something is accomplished right about the time something else falls through.  But, we are making process- in fact the roof went on Mon. and we started pouring the concrete floors today!  The hope and prayer is to move in this Sunday.  There will still be plenty of loose ends to tie up in the next few weeks/months to get our property to be the model we desire - but with the walls, windows, roof, floors, and doors - we'll move in!  We started digging ditches at the beginning of February and it's been a lot of work since then - we're ready to be living there!
Some days we really wish there would have been an existing home that we could have rented/purchased, or built a faster home - but when it comes to hosting all of you - we're very glad with what we've made.  It's simple (20ft. by 25ft.), but very well built - we could live there forever.  As our mason said, "your grandkids could live here."   God knows better than we do.
So that sums up what we've been up to - literally working sun up to sun down.

We've come to know our nearby neighbors well and are very thankful for them.  They watch out for us, share food with us, and lend us a hand (or a child) to help in the construction.  We are amazed by the answers to prayers from a year ago.  We started praying for our "future neighbors" last April when we made the decision to move down here and now we know the faces and the names to the answers to those prayers.  We'll try to get some pictures to you of the families (especially the ones to our right and left) in the next few weeks.  One of the things we would like to do for the community as a "thank you" for donating us the land is taking a family portrait and then printing them to hang in their home.  We'll share some of those with you over the coming months and introduce you to them.  Lot's of kids hang out with us each day so we continue to memorize names, learn where they live, and connect brothers/sisters and kid to parent.  We work with the kids on things like "please" and "thank you", sharing, being respectful, not interrupting church services, and not fighting.  They have learned well how to behave on our property and are now correcting each other. Stacey's 2 summers of kid's club director in Mexico are coming back to help her here.

Our future home.
Putting on the roof.
Kaleb and Naun digging the cistern on our future porch; brother Eduardo waiting his turn to drop in the hole.

Kaleb and Naun laying block toward the top of the house.

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