Mr. Echo

Well, after playing the name game for 3 days, our poopy little puppy has a name. After ruling out people names, because they're offensive to people of the same name in Honduran culture, we decided on Echo. It's simple, the same in both languages (Echo/Eco), and a Lost reference, so it wins on all fronts.

 He's graduated from his little popcorn box to a bigger box turned upside down with a hole in the side. He spends the nights with his little coastal behind shivering up here in the mountains, but he's acclimating well. He's also made the transition from terrified little puppy to energetic ankle-biter. He goes to the house site with us everyday, where he's short on energy for the ride home. During his days up there, he usually:

  • "Helps" with the construction.

  • Falls in holes he can't get out of.
  • Is picked up by every child in the community, usually by whatever part of him is easiest to grab. Our favorite is little neighbor girl Kensi grabbing two handfuls of skin, holding him out away from her like he's on fire, and bringing him to us. 
  • Harasses chickens and in turn is flogged severely by mommy-hens. Delightful.
  • Hides himself under piles of sheet metal and garbage to rest from the children and the sun. 
  • Hears his name approximately 8000 times in all manner of accents. He'll be good and confused on the language front. We already have pity on our future children, who will actually need to use their tongues for speaking.
  • Is mugged by a weak, mangy kitten. We're going to have to work on his fierceness.
He's turning out to be a great little dog. If nothing else, he's wildly entertaining and will keep us well-guarded over the coming months. We're glad to have him around.

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