Quick Update

Today marks two very busy weeks back here in Honduras. Things have been going very well, very quickly. We've been working to coordinate the beginnings of a fairly large water project in one of our target communities of Caliche. This project is a collaboration of Caliche's sister church (Arlington Heights Lutheran), DSEC (Dayton Service Engineering Collaborative), the village of Caliche, Heart to Honduras, and the local municipality. What started as a small thing we were helping with has become almost our full-time job since we've been back, but it will be worth the trouble if the area's 600 residents have clean water this year! As of now, the sites are all cleared and construction is ready to begin, thanks to a visit from Arlington Heights. More updates on this project will follow over the coming year. It was great to meet and work with the sister church and the engineers of DSEC. It was a good week.

This coming week will see us back in Las Lomitas and Caliche: working to coordinate this project, and getting us moved toward our new home on top of the hill. Sorry this is a slow post, I promise it will get more interesting as the year progresses. Thanks for checking in on us!

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