Story of a family

For those of you who do not know, the first time we came to Honduras was in July of 2010 to help build a home for a widow or orphan.  Well, it ended up being a family of orphans, Bexy 17 (and her 2 children Lizy and Darian), Ada 14, Julia 12, and Eduardo 15.  Their father had died several years back in a car accident and then in 2008 their mother was brutally murdered in front of them with a machete due to not being able to pay a debt she owed.  A guy offered to take them in after the death of their mother who ended up fathering Bexy´s 2 children and then taking off.  During our visit in 2010 we had the blessing of sharing the hope Christ with Ada and Julia and they became believers.  It was hard to tell if the decision would stick or if they would have any support to be discipled.  In 2010 we did not meet Eduardo, he had fled from the family after the death of his mother and was pursuing the ¨life¨ of dance clubs, parties, etc. in the city. 

Julia, Ada, Lizy, Bexy, and Darian

When we returned in March of 2011 we discovered that they were indeed heavily involved learning, teaching, and serving in the local church.  They were sharing favorite scriptures with us!  During the March visit we also met Eduardo and came to find he also had become part of the local church and was spending a significant amount of time with the pastor.  He had returned from the city and has been living at home since early 2011.  Bexy had left with her youngest to take a job in a big city an hour away.  Three teenage orphans lived on their own taking care of their niece.
Eduardo, Ada, Julia, and Lizy up front
Since March Bexy remains with her job in the city with both of her children now, Julia went to live with an aunt about 45 min. away, and Ada and Eduardo have remained as the main house caretakers.
A lot of our time has been spent with our sister Ada and brother Eduardo since we moved here in Sept. they are now 16 and 17 and living on their own trying to make ends meet.  Eduardo completed his 6th grade education a few years back and is working whenever work is available helping out a mechanic to support them.  Ada is just now at age 16 completing her 6th grade education.  She graduates this Dec. 10th and we will walk with her as her god parents at her graduation. 
Side note on education in Honduras and many Central American countries.  Education here is limited to say the least and only free until 6th grade, after that you must pay just like it was college.  Most people here only have a 6th grade education and sometimes that is uncommon.

She just had a birthday on Nov. 22nd and we made a cake to take and celebrate with her. 
Ada´s 16th Birthday

She also has a lot of desire to start a garden in the small yard she has, she has started many plants on her own and with Kaleb and a Canadian friend´s help she is on her way to developing the whole yard!

The family´s home and property

Today was an exciting day, Ada and Eduardo were baptized.   They explained to us that they have received Christ and want to follow in this step of faith and obedience.  No one was making them do it, it was their free will.  What a happy day to see their lives dedicated to following Christ in a culture where it definitely cost them to do so.


Praying during communion immediately after being baptized

We´ll continue to give updates on this family throughout the year as they are a huge part of our life down here.  They are brothers and sisters to us.

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